Put focus on your firearms with this patented display. Whether at a show or at home, this rack is quick to set up in small spaces, such as on a show or store tabletop, and stores flat for easy transport.

Our seasoned professionals are specialists in their field. More importantly, They enjoy passing along their knowledge to you!

business kits & security software

Opening a Security School or Agency? Our complete kits can be customized and cover everything you’ll need to train staff, run your business and obtain State licensing. The Management Software is a plus!

Our professional staff achievements include certifying over 3,000 students annually, training over 650 Firearms Instructors, ownership of a US Patent and two registered trademarks, developing and providing educational and student management tools for over 60 agencies and schools, authoring 12 books. We have expertise in training and education, private security, business acumen and career development.

All our products are American-Made and American-Owned.

THE training ACADEMY

Where innovation meets training. Get certification for novices, instructors and beyond! Have fun with the Guns of Hollywood Shows, or be prepared with home-defense & reality-based training.

Security Solutions, 

Firearm Training & Products, Perfected.

security services

Every property is unique, which is why our security solutions deliver what other agencies simply cannot. For every need and budget, our experts are vigilant in keeping your residents safe and  HOA-rule compliant.

the most realistic defensive target

You can shoot, but how lethal really are you? There is only way to find out before you need it, and that's with our Patents Pending "Police Target" and  "Defensive Target". 

THE best defensive 3-D humanoid targets under $3.