David Swanson

Years with the Group: 13
Position: Director, AmVIEWnition

Mr. Swanson is the power behind the Safe N Secure Group' Research and Development department. With 11 years of AmVIEWnition and Terminal Ballistic development and production management he is also one of Safe N Secure Training Counselor and founder of the DrOpZOne.

Cynthia STARR

Years with the Group: 16
Position: Director, 3-D Terminal Ballistic.

Cindy started with the Safe N Secure Group as an Editor and Marketing Director, consultant, and has since grown into the position of Production Manager for the SoloBLAST and BlastBoard products as well as Marketing Director.

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To increase businesses and individual’s performance with innovative and field-tested security solutions, training and management tools.

Bernard Martinage

Years with the Group: 16
Position: CEO, Director of Education and Training

Mr. Martinage established the Safe N Secure Group to provide Professionals and agencies with innovative training tools and programs. He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have has made Safe N Secure and its clients successful at what they do.

Ed grissom

Years with the Group: 12
Position: Directror, EASY GUN RACK

With over 4 decades of engineering experience Ed Grissom is the manufacturing and development manager of EASY GUN RACK products. He also was instrumental in the growth of the DrOpZOne and a co-owner of the EASY GUN RACK Patent.

“I have seen a lot of programs false advertise product and simply fail to deliver. Safe N Secure programs are NOT any of that.”

Vincent r. Oronato

Break Leather, Miami, FL